Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bullying kids on the Spectrum bullshyte

See the happy kid to the left?
That's my Aspie teen, when we visited Beaufort last week, smiling, relaxed and happy.
When we saw the paediatrician this week the doc made the mistake of asking how long we'd been homeschooling.
The floodgates opened and Aspie teen began chattering away about the bully at his former school who'd made his life a misery.
Trying to calm him was useless; he was like a wind-up toy stuck on his track, having to see this through to the end, so he repeated every.little.thing the bully had done.
Even mentioning how he'd threatened to find our home address to come and kill Aspie teen.
4 years on and it was still uppermost in his mind.
And now I read this news article about yet another ASD kid being bullied not just by other students but by their parents!
These 'adults' are meant to set the example by which their little darlings live.
Why the heck are ASD kids taught to mind their manners but these rude tossers have none?
I can only imagine karma will be snacking on their rumps once they become old and frail when their kids kick 'em to the kerb, having the same amount of respect for the elderly as they do for those with a disability.
Pfft, Christians?
Sounds like a little bit bullshyte.


@jencull (jen) said...

That article is so upsetting, as is what happened to your teen. The world has a long way to go!

fiona2107 said...

I couldn't access the article for some reason but I agree 100% with you Ro.
Parents are supposed to "protect" their kids, not add to their distress.
Aspie teen looks so calm, peaceful and content in that pic. You're doing a fabulously wonderful job.
On ya!

(ps.....I've come across a LOT of these so called "Christians" that are far too are extreme and give the rest of us bad names........)

Ro said...

Jen, I can't believe adults are openly behaving like this in 2010.

Thanks for the kudos, Fi, it's taken a long time but we're getting there :)

Lulu said...

I read this last week and just dissolved into tears.I'm so worried about him going to school and what he may face and I can't afford to homeschool because I have to work.

I'm trying to find if there are any schools that REALLY are enlightened when it comes to the spectrum kids - so far they all say the same thing "yes we have spectrum students but you won't be able to pick them out of the class. Are they given that line to say? Do they actually mean it???*sigh