Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sex ed and the Aspie teen

Yeah, I reckon there'll be a fair few hits from some weirdos doing bizarre searches.
Begone, you unclean wretches!
No, not you, good reader, you can stay right where you are.
The offspring has watched National Geographic, Discovery Science, History channels, et el for years, since he was a tiny tacker.
He taught some teachers at school that kangaroos can balance on their tail and impart savage tears with the claws on their hind feet (they poo-poohed him until I corrected them that it was true *rolls eyes*), they then refused to believe that goannas could inflict nasty cuts (which could quickly become infected) or that wombats had sharp teeth and claws and shouldn't be picked up.
When he explained that some sharks laid eggs and that the 'spiral seaweed' another pupil had brought in was actually the remains of one of these eggs, well.....!
Crikey, you'd have thought the sky was falling in!
Yes, ok, he was 7 at the time but, c'mon.
Kids on farms see this everyday and their teachers don't call parents at home to get the tv viewing changed.
*excessive eye rolling*
Anyway, the other week there was a nature special on the procreation of different species including the 'very rare footage of a baby kangaroo (joey) being born and climbing up its mother's fur to the pouch'.
This footage is so rare it was the same footage the hubby and I (and probably most of you lot) watched as fascinated 10 year olds back in primary school up on the projector screen in the darkened multipurpose room.
I reminded hubby of it and he asked, with tongue in cheek,
" Geeze, what were they thinking, showing that to us kids?! D'ya reckon they'd be allowed to show it in schools these days or do they demand a different channel?"


Mary Paddock said...

LOL. Thank goodness we homeschooled during those years. That we could teach sex ed (of all species) as the subject came up and as questions were asked.

I think the only question I ever found awkward was a two parter-- "What is PMS?" and "Is there a cure?"

Ro said...

LOL Mary.
Aspie teen suggested PMS was evolution's way of thinning the male population ;)