Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do ya wanna know a secret?

Sorry for the silence but we've been away in Central Victoria and then Aspie teen crashed and burned today.
Yes, we have his schedule up on the fridge, we chant, mantra-like "Breakfast and medicine, breakfast and medicine" for a full 30 mins each morning as we nag the delightful kid to get out of bed.
Oh and by the way, before your own starts this trick... "I'm getting out of bed" isn't strictly the truth as 'getting' is an action word and there sure as heck on a broomstick aint no action from the prone kid under the doona.
So, yeah.
Forgot his meds this morning, despite constant nagging.
Lunchtime hit then everything slid into a heap of crap.
There was screaming, screeching, hitting, kicking, flailing of belts, locking us parents in the backyard, manic grunting and babbling and blah blah blah blah blah.
The usual broken record when he gets wound up with no getting off the merry-go-round until his anger runs out.
Called the police.
Yes, that's right, third time we've had the police out here for his meltdowns, thank flock we got two lovely blokes who asked me how to handle him, who talked him into sitting and talking to them and got him to see that his actions were causing crap.
Everything is back to our version of normal again, it's pissing with rain and all's right with the world.
Now, if you'll excuse me I'll just trot off for a close up with some paracetamol and Deep Heat cream.
Please don't give me sympathy, if you want to leave a comment make me laugh, dammit!


Donna said...

Does the Deep Heat help the paracetamol go down? I thought it was a spoonful of sugar ;-) ... mind you I guess the burn from the Deep Heat in the throat kinda makes all other pains seems nice :)

River said...

Make you laugh? Damn. I'm no good at jokes.
Q: why did the chicken cross the road?
A: how the heck should I know? Ask the chicken.

Dollfinn! said...

Hmmm make you laugh, umm well let's see, on Saturday I wore stockings for the first time in ages, spent most of the day walking around with a huge run in one leg after I forgot I was wearing them and tried scratching my leg ( insert totally blonde moment ), Sunday I tore a rotator cuff tendon or two by lifting a towel over my head to dry my hair & if you haven't tried this trick, it's pretty similar to be zapped with an electric cattle prod, I don't recommend trying this at home. So feeling totally blonde whenever anyone asks how I hurt myself. So much fun to be had in a weekend :\

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Girl, it is AWESOME that you have understanding local cops.

Usually the advice is to call the ambos.

Just make sure he is covered (he has a health care card, right?)

Laugh? Um... let me get back to you on that.

Oh I have something! Boo's favourite song right now is Insane in the Membrane by Cypress Hill. And he is also walking around proclaiming 'I am a black man! I am a black man!'

Lulu said...

Cyclone called the police on ME once. And yes, they turned up. I was wearing moccos and a wot wot headband at the time.....

Amy (DQ) said...

Ahhh, well, that sounds like my idea of hell. I hope the deep heat and the paracetamol have worked their various magic powers.
Something funny? Today was book week dress up as your favourite character from a book at Pinky and Perky's school.
Pinky had planned to be a ninja (on account of having a ninja outfit) but on discovering he did not have a book with a ninja character, he changed his mind last night to going as Zac Power. At least Zac Power is a young boy who appears like a typical kid but is in fact a secret agent spy! It required a black shirt, according to Pinky. So he wore a black skivvy, jeans with a compass key ring on his belt loop and sunglasses. Pretty cool? Yes, but he could also have been mistaken for an evil Wiggle...
Perky chose his recently purchased Indiana Jones dress up outfit - complete with cool hat and felt whip. The shirt is printed with a large black tarantula sitting on one shoulder (I shudder every time I see it, sad but true). Yes, Indiana Jones is not a book character. Perky does not care for such details! He loved being in the parade and had a great time being the only dancer on the stage (they were playing the Shrek soundtrack) while everyone walked calmly on and off. Dancing is a much better way of getting around!
The costume that cracked me up was the deputy principal, who is a very lovely but fairly serious guy, who was one of the judges, dressed as Tigger, including face paint! I kind of got him to do a bit of a Tigger bounce as we exited the hall!

@jencull (jen) said...

My tired old brain can't come up with anything even remotely funny so I will just say 'Hi' in a fine Irish accent and that *might* crack you up:) I can't see an email addy on your profile (one on my blogger profile), any chance you could email me? Nothing worrying, I promise:) Jen

jeanie said...

Not feeling hugely funny myself this morning, so will pass on something I saw on a friend's facebook.

Her (to 10yo princess) "Its not all about you, you know"

2yo princess "Its about me, isn't it Mummy?"

Ro said...

Thanks girls, you gave a giggle or 3 :)

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this one? (slapping my self in the forehead)

Hey at least you got to perv on 2 hot police men mmmmm men in uniform are soooo hot :)


FI said...

Q: What is big and white and stands in the corner?
A: A naughty fridge.
Sorry....that's all I got!