Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sesame with dark chocolate nommy goodness

I am rewarding myself with a most nom-worthy snack, Golden Days Sesame Snap.
With dark chocolate.
Nom nom nom nom nom.
Am I getting paid for this review?
Hell no, I'm just too happy to nom my way to happy with these babies.
Aspie teen has loved these since we managed to prise his jaws off the table leg and onto one of these - he particularly liked the black sesame seed one while he was at school but now he's discovered the chocolate one.
With dark chocolate.
And we all know that dark chocolate is very healthy for us.
So, besides the fact they're gluten free, come in packets of three that are perfect for school lunch boxes (or snacks at the computer) and taste delicious, what else is there about them that makes them so good?
The fact that they're available in most supermarkets without the need for parents to backpack to Outer Mongolia to get a refill.

My packet is finished.
Think I'll have to get another.....


River said...

I've noticed that a lot of "health" and "diet" foods now have chocolate or a chocolate substitute. Seems manufacturers have realised that what people crave most when they're dieting or just being health conscious is *ta da* chocolate.
I love sesame snaps too, but I really love the sesame flavour, and I think chocolate might overpower that, so I won't try these. Maybe.

Dollfinn! said...

OOH thankyou for the tip, must go look at these and see if my two gluten free munchkins will eat them. Might make their lunches a little more interesting every now and then.

Anonymous said...

we LOVE those in this house :)