Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back again

Dad is back home and Aspie teen is more settled albeit more clingy.
Thank goodness we've come a long way since he was in mainstream school with his integration aide;  we are able to discuss the future of his grandfather's health with him plus he's able to spend extra bonus time with Dad being at home.
Some things about nursing Dad at home are perfect life lessons Aspie teen could read about but have little understanding until it's unfolding right under his very nose. Hopefully these are helping cement the foundations for him to follow in how to care for the elderly/infirm in his future.
He's so happy with his Silkie hens, they are another learning curve for him and he's spreading his wings a little in his new role of responsibility. They've imprinted with him as their parent and answer to their names when he calls them. The fluffy little mop tops are so sweet and cute; they have cheeky little personalities which make them appear as silly haughty madames strutting about in the Victorian era in their finery.

They are both a great distraction and a grounding mechanism to keep him focussed in this sad time.
We have no idea how long Dad has but each day is a bonus so we have to strive for positive thinking and keeping our chins up which is difficult for a teen at times.
The 2 cases of young teens being sprayed with capsicum spray has certainly grabbed his attention; his parents warning him was one thing but the police actually using it on kids his own age has given him a bit of a wake up call.

He's off for an EEG this week and still banned from bicycle riding due to his slow reaction times. He missed his first cricket match of the season as we were tied up at the hospital (almost but not quite literally in that sense) but he took the disappointment ok, only a few mild Tourette's grunts and tics.
We'll be reviweing Aspie teen returning to Uni study soon, too.
He has asked many times and loves the uni subjects, we'll just take it slowly to see what subjects are on offer (in his preferred field of study) and what really catches his interest (even those outside of his subject area).
Maybe a better time for him to start again, we'll see.


Andrew said...

'Hopefully these are helping cement the foundations for him to follow in how to care for the elderly/infirm in his future.'

Self interest, self interest! :-P

River said...

Yay for progress!!

Hope things continue to improve.

Cheryl D. said...

Glad to hear your dad is out of the hospital, but sorry to hear he isn't doing well.

It sounds like things have stabilized, so that's good!

@jencull (jen) said...

Good news that your dad is home with you, have been following updates on FB. I hope he is comfortable.

I don't know what capsicum is, I am going to google it now but it sounds scary!


Mrs. C said...

Wow, I'm reading this and wishing I were as on top of things myself...

Maddy said...

Curiously, 'Think Positive' is plastered all over the dining room wall to help us [all] try and keep in the right frame of mind [along with e big poster of the iconic pink panther - maybe not quite to 'grounding' - but great escapism.

kathleen said...

I'm sorry about your dad..we went through something similar last year..Although I had the same thoughts as Andrew when you wrote about caring for the elderly in the future.:)
Silkie hens? I have to see what they look husband wants chickens-but I am afraid we will all become too attached (except for my husband who wants to eat them)