Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I haz me a gifted kid. *snort* Who knew???! * wildly rolls eyeballs around the room*

Well, we've been up and down like a yo-yo with Aspie teen.
It's been ok, mostly stressful but he's more upset rather than us.
Except for my specs that became a statistic in a battle but, meh, it's fixable.
Like the plaster walls.
He's been assessed, again, and surprise, surprise!
He's got a very high IQ, still.
Gee, really?
Would never have thunk that one, what with his uni studies and stuff.
But, he's also definitely got an auditory processing issue happening which is short-circuiting his short-term memory when it comes to auditory stuff, again underlining how he's a visual learner and how he pictures his ideas/projects, etc, in his mind.
Couple that little baby up with his colour-blindness, photo-phobia, highly sensitive hearing and sky-rocketing anxiety levels and you get a time bomb going off at Every.Little.Thing.
So, not only does he get psychedelic colours that make no sense flashing at him (now that Winter is over and the traditional Melbourne Black is put away for another brief warm period) he gets overly LOUD shrieky garbled babble thrown at him.
And then you chuck in his ADHD, Tourette's, the OCD and every other bit of crap he's got going on in his DNA soup and you get a very clever, gifted but confused person.
One thing I was really freakin' happy about, though; a teacher had taken great pleasure in harping at him for a full school year on how he was the lowest of the shit pile when it came to maths after doing his grade 3 Naplan test.
He's since blitzed through maths, high school maths and many of the curly nuts and bolts of maths but he still thinks he sucks at it.
The psychologist got him doing mental arithmetic and then the psychologist hammered home today the fact that he's great at maths and for once he's finally listened and believed.


Deb said...

Wow, that sounds like so much for a kid to cope with. I can see why he needs time out sometimes.
But Yay the maths, it's horrible when they (we?) grab onto the negative and won't let it go no matter how many positives there are.

@jencull (jen) said...

That is some hodge podge of letters he has there!

Am cross that any teacher can have such a profound effect on a child, if only they knew they might shut up and be nice (ggggrrrr)


River said...

Some teachers shouldn't be allowed near kids.
Glad to hear he's finally listened and knows he's good at Maths.

deardarl said...

My brother was told "not to bother" doing advanced maths in Yr 9 by his teacher.
Mum marched up there and made the school just let him have a go.
He topped the school for maths for the next 4 years and now has a PhD in agronomy and is a whiz at biometrics. Best statistician I know ;)

In the class I teach, two of my aspie boys sit up a year for their maths lessons (we stream maths).

Mistress B said...


Oh wait. I'm not a professional so my opinion doesn't count right? lol