Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pizza with a slice of Bones

We're playing diversional therapy tactics here at the moment, come on down and join in, too!
This is the game where you find something your Aspie kid enjoys and you plan an outing around that activity
Yes, it gets to be a hard slog after a while with the "OMG can't I have just one day at home to dig holes and slosh mud around my feet or something stupid?" jumping up and hitting you between the eyes.
Cos Dad is hard yakka and all Aspie teens need a break from watching their grandparent die or slide down the indignity ladder just that little bit further.
So, this week was History Week and he trotted off with his Daddykins on several tours which he loved plus a talk from some authors at the State Library.
Then I put my foot down and insisted that I get a day out on the final tour, which happened to be a really freaking fantastic one run by the Professional Historians Association (of Victoria) in which I really didn't want to go home but wanted to be adopted as the Association mascot and housed in the shoebox in the bottom of the cupboard...or something but, meh, we got there in the end.
Aspie teen has been learning to cook this week, also.
Which has done nothing for my blood pressure ("I said chop it quickly not to stop, introduce yourself leisurely to the capsicum and invite it over for a game of Battleship!" "What do you mean, you can't find your swimming goggles to chop the onions? Use nekkid eyes and live a little!") but it's been fab watching him sparkle as we play piggy-wiggy-woo over his results and praise him to the heavens, especially the pizza tonight.
Yeah, dad prefers his tinned baby food - the dietitian said it's cool - so we get his rations.
Let him watch Bones tonight for the first time - he's such a bloodthirsty little critter we didn't want to encourage his bent for blood letting - but he's up on the *forensic science and was quoting stuff along with the characters then giving us the full explanation.
Spooky, Mulder!
*If I'm found in the cabbage patch with obvious blunt trauma injury it won't be Aspie teen as he's got much more thorough ideas of disposing of a body....
Anyway, he and Dad are listening to the very final CD in the Mystery of a Hansom Cab audio book, which they've been hanging to hear, so shhhhhhhh.


Cheryl D. said...

Sounds like a pretty damn great week!

Andrew said...

I forgot to grab it the other day, but the book of Mystery of a Handsom Cab is available in a Prahran book place for $5.

River said...

Mmmm pizza....

There's not a lot of blood-letting in Bones, he could probably watch it more often. Just don't let him watch Dexter.

DQ said...

I like Bones, too. I enjoy the cheesy interactions as much as the forensics :)