Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Who am I again?

Just checked the date on my last post - it's been awhile.
I've been babbling on my history blogs and whatnot but things have been a bit egg-shell-like here with feral Aspie kidlet.
He's been ok, generally, but his sad moments are getting more and more prevelant.
Trotted him off to the GP for a referral to headspace and, surprise, surprise, he also diagnosed mild depression.
I'm not surprised, really, it goes hand in hand with anxiety and Aspie teen has always been one to beat himself up (verbally) when things go wrong even when he is clearly not at fault.
I've got to organise an appointment with headspace, fill in the reams of paperwork I was sent for disability behaviour assistance, trot off to my hospital appointment today (cos I'm going deaf as well as blind, oh joy), deal with my elderly father who is revelling in his second childhood and somewhere try to relocate my sanity in amongst the madness of Baby Santa Grilled Cheezus Season.
Aspie teen finds sudden huge obstacles in his way and literally cannot move to do something - like washing his hands, locking his chooks up, turning on the TV, etc.
You get the picture, mundane, everyday little things that we don't think twice about.
But he goes to do them and suddenly he's shaking or in tears or both or keening a high pitched noise and can NOT explain what is wrong or what is stopping him from finishing his action.
His anxiety is growing out of all proportion and we're only able to give him support, cuddles and plenty of love.
Thank goodness others have been through this before and we will be able to get help from headspace as well as other people.
Where is my sanity again....?


Devi said...

*Big hugs to Feral*
Oh, I so get where he is at.
The first thing I remember helping me (other than your kick starting me into action!) was a Buddhist technique of thinking of what I can do to fix the thing I am worrying about and if there is nothing to do, then to put it aside to be looked at later.
I first applied it when I realised I had forgotten the Plumber was due and started racing home, tried to call, accepted that there was nothing I could do at this point (But later I could call, apologise and rebook) and drove calmly and safely home, having forgiven myself for my forgetfulness. It was amazing.
I decided worry is like pain, a trigger to make you look at a situation and see what needs to be done, and ignored after you have sorted it all out.

Best of luck to you both and that so sucks about your hearing. I wonder if it could be emotional self defense?
*hugs* Devi

Cheryl D. said...

Sorry to hear about this! I hope you get him help soon!

River said...

I hope he gets some peace in his head soon, it's awful to watch that kind of anxiety attack and not be able to do anything to help.