Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shapewear stops stomachs from exploding

I had a caesarian when I pupped Feral Aspie teen, leaving a delightfully long smiley face stretching from hip to hip with swathes of skin above the line permanently numb from severed nerves.
While below the line they can still try to wax and I hit high notes dogs 20 miles away can clearly hear.
Also above the smiley line is a monster stretch-mark approx. 7 cms wide (or 2 x George Calombaris' chubby fingers width) which is mostly numb.

So, I cuddled up with the hot water bottle Friday night, fell asleep and woke up, did the usual shower thing, thought I'd added some more lumps and bumps to the lumpy, bumpy roadmap surface of myself and thought no more of it until that night when I was getting into the Wonder Woman pjs (yes, yes, I'll get a photo of them one day) when the Spouse took one look at my tummy and freaking out screeched,
"Holy crap, what's that poking out of your stomach?"
I suddenly saw myself as Ripley giving birth to gut-busting alien critters.
It was a LARGE blister, which I could feel with my fingers, couldn't feel on my tummy and needed a mirror to actually eyeball.
Not my intestines popping out through a hernia, thankfully, as I wasn't quite ready to give Aspie teen a full-technicolour 3D presentation of the small and large intestines, complete with sigmoid colon.

The blister finally burst in a tidal wave of yellow oozing muck - I flicked it with the edge of the towel yesterday and didn't realise it was gone til I felt alien babies rampaging all over the house sticky muck.
So, cos it's continuing to ooze, despite the liberal amounts of hydrogen peroxide, I'm strangling myself in shapewear to squish it all back into place to stop the skin from stretching any further and to allow it to heal.
Just as an added precaution to stop any possible innards exploding outwards...


Eccentricess said...

Dear Ro,
I mean this in a totally empathetic and sympathetic way, Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I'd also like to say, EEEEEWWWWWW! ;-)

For the first time ever, I ran a fingernail over the bit above my ceaser scar, to test if it still had feeling. It does. Your Doctor sucked.

Vitamin B yourself up, Dearie, cos grief drains your bodies healing skills. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

ouch ouch ooooochie oooochiee ouch ouch!!!!!

Andrew said...

Well, at least something is happening in your otherwise uneventful life.

Happy Elf Mom said...

HELLOO!!! I can finally get on here and comment! Had a lot of trouble around the time blogger went down but have been thinking of you and hope all is MUCH BETTER NOW!! :)

River said...

I have a huge hysterectomy scar. HUGE. With a lot of dead areas, so while I can still feel fuzzy below the suface itching occasionally, I can't feel myself scratching at the itch, so the itch continues...aarrgh!

Anonymous said...

Had a c-section years ago. Loss of feeling eventually leaves and the red scar will fade. Mine is now so light and in my pubic area so that I hardly notice it. You can speed things along once healed by using a scar cream but time is what will make the biggest difference.

The Informal Matriarch said...

Gross and awesome all at the same time!