Thursday, April 15, 2010

An almost oops

The meet up was a great success all around; was lovely meeting the online friend I've yakked to for the past 12+ months, both online and on the phone, plus the kids all got along famously.
We were up at 5am to get breakfasted and ready to catch the 8.30am train from the city - which was cancelled and replaced with road coaches.

My son retreated into his DS game which forestalled any anxiety.
We were approx. 30 mins late arriving in Benalla and by that time my son was bursting out of his skin to stretch his legs and meet the others.
I made a mistake in not grabbing his ADHD meds, relying on his usual routine of having them with brekkie and then topping up later after lunch.
Nope, he'd had them with brekkie, alright, at 6am....the half life of meds seem a great deal shorter with him, it always has done, one adolescent psychiatrist agreed that this was quite probable but unless studies were done under strict medical supervision we'd always have to stick to the recommended dosages to stay on the safe side.
My son was ok, overall and in general but just that bit too excited where I needed to throw him a word or two to rein him in.
He was also anxious about meeting new friends, hoping they'd like him.
Sometimes we use caffeinated drinks to take the edge off, to calm him down a fraction, it gets him back down a smidgen just enough to actually focus on what we're saying.
He took a deep breath on our trip home last night and announced that he'd be very happy to meet up with them all again as they were 'pretty nice'.
I reckon he summed it up rather well :)

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