Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aspie social

So, Aspie teen waltzed off into the dark night with his dad.
Pouring rain did not dampen his enthusiasm to join the Aspie social support group.
Nor did it dampen his nerves.
At one stage during the day he began babbling 19 to the dozen, tripping over his own words and not waiting for answers.

He admitted to being nervous when I asked him, gave him big cuddles and reassured him the others had been nervous going to the meetings for the first time, too.
They got home waaaay before Cinderella turned into a pumpkin with a big cheesy grin plastered on his face.
And the remains of a pizza for me, awww, bless his cotton socks.
He had a ball.
Totally enjoyed the whole evening.
Right now he's zoning out by watching cartoons and trying to be a Weetbix kid but the spoonfuls are getting slower and slower as Garfield and Nermal suck him into the screen.
Before that he was leaping upon us all and giving everyone bear hugs to share his happiness.
I think our backs will be better by the time the next social group meets up lol.


Deb - Science@home said...

That's fantastic! I know so little about it, how great that someone's got it right with something the kids enjoy.

Ro said...

Thanks, Deb :)