Thursday, April 22, 2010


Got back in touch with a good friend from my son's early intervention days.
Was like we'd only spoken yesterday instead of almost 4 years lol.
We didn't stop chattering like a pair of magpies *snort*, swapping suggestions and ideas.
She's been looking for teen swimming lessons for her boy, which I was able to recommend and then she to me about a footy club for my boy.
Cos we've tried the whole local football club thing, done the bullying thing ("but he's only joking when he calls your son an idiot, it's a bit of sporty ribbing. Geeze youse are thin-skinned" Ahuh. Yeah, right. In the carpark, away from the field, whilst throwing rocks?) and we got the t-shirt souvenir to prove it.

Although the Hubby might have used the t-shirt to clean the S bend....
Anywho, she's always had more front than Myers (probably why we get along so well lol) and removed her son from any school she wasn't happy with (Lordy, the tales she told!!!) and she's had to witness the same bullying happen to her son.
So I knew that when she recommended this footy club she wasn't talking through a hole in her head.
Great chick, she also works in special needs education so we got rabbiting on about how much things have changed, the procedures, processes and hoops parents have to leap through just to get on a waiting list for early intervention, not to mention speech and OT.
Government departments really need to have a good look at the bizarre crap they put parents through just to have a kid who can function in a mainstream setting to get educated then hold a job.
Ya know, invest heavily in the beginning and they grow up to achieve more independence without being a burden on the state later on?
Sorry, I digressed into commonsense, such a dangerous thing to do.
So, yeah.
My kid tried out at the footy club.
It rocks.
He's got footy boots and the uniform comes through next week.
First match is Sunday week for the gangly uncoordinated Aspie teen.


Devi said...

Football = mud.
Mud goooood. :-)

Fen said...

aw brilliant, i hope he gets lots out of it :)

Ro said...

LOL Devi, I knew you'd like the mud bit :P

I think he has already, Fen, just being accepted :)