Sunday, April 4, 2010

How do you explain Easter Bunneh and Zombie Jebus Day

My kid is working on university subjects and is 13 so I guess he could be called 'gifted'.
Except I don't, cos I reckon all kids are gifted whether they're neurotypical, on the Spectrum or somewhere in between.
All kids are fabulously special little poppets but some just 'get' things more easily than others.
Like Zombie Jebus Day sporting a rabid noxious pest littering choccie and foil all over the shop.

Try to bend your kitchen knife around an apple - it don't work and you're in danger of snapping the whole thing if you force it.
Likewise with an Autie/Aspie mind that just doesn't 'get' the whole Lazarus thing with Zombie Jebus; no matter how much you frame the words in different ways or languages some kids on the Spectrum Just.Don't.Get.It.
And they won't cos it's not grounded in science or fact or can claim living witnesses or anything to reassure a brain that's wired into the 'seeing is believing' type of thinking when social cues and language is so confusing.
So, I'm not overly fussed that my geek kid is on the side of atheists and Charlie Darwin and all I could do was giggle when, in reply to my offer of taking him to church on Good Friday as it was the Crucifixion, he said,
"No, not unless I get to hammer the nails."

No idea where he gets the twisted humour from....

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