Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have no answers

I got nfi what the questions were.
Seriously, I have no answers.
I hate searching for something online and finding some site where a person claims to have all the answers.
I just muddle through each day and cop the crap as it hits the fan.

Oh, what, you though the shit-fest was confined to your house? LOL
Autism is an adventure where us parents grease our arses and slide into the unknown, where we just get a handle on things and find ways to cope or manage particular behaviours when new ones crop up.
Just to make sure we know we're alive!
C'mon, you gotta laugh at some of this shit we get dumped into, otherwise the shit laughs at us and then it's a short ride to misery and tears.
I have a twisted and dark sense of humour so be prepared for some possibly offensive comments in the future.
Cos that's my way of coping - tweaking Fate's nose and laughing in his face, daring him to do his worst cos I aint going to let the bastard make me cry.
Cos my wonderful kid needs me.

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