Monday, April 26, 2010

Mental health in Melbourne sucks hairy dogs' balls

Obviously I spoke too soon yesterday, babbling about the cheeky child holding himself together.
Cos it all went abso-bloody-lutely to shit today.
Psychotic episode, first major one in years - well, first one we couldn't tuck behind the label of 'epic meltdown'.
I'm allowed to tell you about it, full permission from the Aspie kid.
But it isn't the episode that makes us angry, it's the lack of mental health care.
We called an ambulance - no problems.
Got to public hospital - no problems.
Then tried to get any kind of psych professional to review my son?
Bwahahahahahaha, oh, pull-eze, you must be kidding.
The paediatric doctor did not stop trying to ring around to get someone down to the A&E, to just even eyeball my son for 5 mins, with no bloody hope at all.
In the end we were sent home to follow it up with our own paediatrician and private psychologist.
We only agreed to this as he'd calmed down but what happens when the kids haven't calmed down?
If Kevin Rudd and every greedy politician is serious about 'improving' our hospitals then they must address this complete lack of Give A Fuck in mental health and fund it enough to make everyone care.
Now, if you'll please excuse me I'm feeling a bit knackered and am going to have a nanna nap for the next couple of years.


Nikki aka Widdle Shamrock said...

Huge hugs.

That is terrible that no one would come down to see him. Absolutely disgusting treatment.

Hope things improve.

Devi said...

*hugs* I hope it doesn't crush his confidence too much.
Or yours.

Just to re affirm, you are a strong, determined woman and he is ever so lucky to have you for his Mum. I admire you greatly. Love Devs

Fen said...

Mental health anywhere in Australia sucks.
I could go on about it for a long time, but i'll spare you the tirade. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the help you needed & unfortunately it's an all too common story.
Our government really needs to pump a truck load of money into mental health, but I don't see it happening. Meanwhile mental health patients get ignored until the catastrophic happens. *sigh*

Ro said...

Thanks, girls.

BUSH BABE said...

I can totally empathise with this Ro - and so can Jeanie (might send her over here if she hasn't already been). It's scary.

Ro said...

Ta, BB ;)

Anonymous said...

Here, the cops come over and tell you that you're the parent. Use force on your kid if you want and have a nice day. :(

You know me... I live in the US and you've chatted with me a couple of times on my blog. But I can sympathise with you that there is a real lack of good care just about anywhere you go. Good that your son is much calmer... but like you said, what if he weren't?

What about next time? What can you do; is there anything?

We've been threatened with death on a regular basis. Once because I took video game time away after he disobeyed. It stinks. It's very scary to live with.

I keep thinking "next time" won't turn out so well... but no one is listening.