Saturday, April 10, 2010


My husband has been lucky in that his NF-1 hasn't resulted in many skin tumours in places that are on public display.
He had quite a number removed from his legs and back when he was young, that's when he had tests and was diagnosed with it.
One of the many blessings of him being in a boys' home.

He inherited this from his father but as his father is 'involved' in Hollywood and has gone under the scalpel more times than we've had hot dinners I have no idea how prevalent the NF-1 tumours were/are for him.
My hubby's NF-1 has, however, resulted in him having short-term memory problems, dyslexia & ADHD (like his father)  and an auditory processing issue all of which interfered with his learning.
Then he's on the Spectrum, too.
Just to have a bit of a buffet in ones life.
The genetic testing and consults with neurologists confirmed our son does not have NF-1 (silver linings, remember silver linings rock).
We weren't even aware of my husband's diagnosis' until he applied for his boys' home records and we had to start scrambling to ask "Wtf is this?" and "Wtf does that mean?"
OMG do you know how frustrating and frightening it is to find out all of this stuff when you're aged in your 30s?
Seriously, youth is wasted on the young.
Then waiting to see specialists, to discuss these 'new' old diagnosis', arrrgh!  Did I mention how impatience is a natural virtue? *snort*.
Grey hairs, more grey hairs, count them up, growing by the day.
Mine, too , but the hubby began sporting the 'Silver Fox' look in his facial hair.
More silver linings to stress? No? Heck, better than the flock of crow's feet gathering on our faces lol.
Hubby recently had another tumour removed from his back (we referred to it as a cyst to avoid worrying our son and family) growing at such a fast clip the GP reckoned if he left it even another fortnight he'd have needed to go under the knife at hosp as the size would have required a skin graft to close it up.
Silver linings, people, look for those silver linings!


•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Thanks for visiting me ...I love the look for silver linings ...they rock indeed !
I am glad your son escaped the NF1 lottery.
It's a challenging & difficult disease to explain , let alone live with.

Ro said...

It is a lottery, hey, Trish ?
We don't discuss it, usually, but this blog is for those things in our family that have made life "interesting".