Sunday, April 11, 2010


The Tourette's tics change from week to week; sometimes he might be growling and barking like a small yappy dog  - how often people have heard but not seen him and asked "Who's dog is that?!" - while other times he has to make the same mono-type noise over and over until one of us gently prods him with a verbal cue to put a sock in it.

Most times he's able to stop immediately, he really doesn't realise he's even making noises, while other times he's strung up like a spring coiled too tight and the tics are his safety release valve.
He has just recently begun shouting swear words in his sleep, we are dreading the day he may begin doing the same out in public.
The Tourette's is exacerbated by the medication for his ADHD and we had to consider the pros and cons before applying yet more medication to the rattling kid.
The trade off is while we might get noises and odd repeating words with barking in the background the upside is that he's been able to focus and concentrate so much more on his school work that he's revealed his ability to cope with university-level study.
So, for the next 4 years or until he finishes his Bachelor of Indigenous Studies the medication remains.
As does that stray yappy dog.


jeanie said...

Oh lord - poor tyke has a lot to bear. Thank goodness he has you as a mama bear, methinks.

Ro said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jeanie, some days I wish this gig came with a manual lol ;)