Monday, April 19, 2010

Piss poor

A certain comedy show took some cheap shots at autistic people tonight.
This was one of my son's favourite shows, learning what humour and satire was from the facial expressions and tips from myself.
Not anymore.
We sent him to bed early, telling him it was getting too risque for him and he left with much grumbles.
Without even speaking my hubby changed the channel straight away, disgusted with comedians we'd once enjoyed.

Autism and autistic people are joke-worthy?
How fast would I get slapped with a charge and/or fine for making jokes about paraplegics or dwarfs or amputees or the blind, deaf or mute?
Cos it's classed as discrimination...sorry, I'll take it slow for you , Paul and Mikey...dis-crim-in-a-tion.
Means you can't piss people off by making shitty cheap shots at 'em.
So, now that you're honing your blunt-as-a-dessert spoon collective wit on people on the Spectrum, Mikey and Paul, please feel free to joke about the high rate of depression that accompanies autism.
Go on, depression must be amusing.
It's worth a few jokes, right?
Think of the one-liners you could prattle by combining Autism, Tourette's and depression?!
You'd slay 'em in the aisles!
Sure, the last four are heavy going and you'd have to really work at them to raise a laugh but that's what most Autistic's face every day.
So it must be funny, hey, Paul and Mikey?
I'd suggest that you don't poke fun at any more minority groups as you only need to look in the mirror to see what a stale old joke you already are.


Madmother said...

You have put it so eloquently, thank you.

Ro said...

We're just furious.

Madmother said...

Would you mind if I sent a link to the minister's office?

You say it so much better than I did clouded by tears.

Maddy said...

I had a similar experience with another outspoken actor over here - can't watch his program any more.

Ro said...

Go for it, MM.
I'm about to ring Autism Victoria to speak to them.

I don't get where their headspace is at to think it's remotely funny, Maddy.

Deb said...

How sad. How about complaining to the ombudsman or station?

Ro said...

Channel 10 issued an apology, Deb :)