Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do not listen to the cook....

Decided to follow a recipe, peoples.
Note that - I followed a recipe.
A recipe that called for 1/4 cup of green curry paste.
I blithely did as I was told.
Kept taste testing it and Holy Moses, Mother of God and Joseph the Carpenter...!
No amount of coconut or dairy milk, sugar, honey, bi carb of soda, mashed sweet potato or grated cheese could tone that baby down to being digestible to any without an asbestos-lined esophagus.
I think it will soon erode the base of the pan it's sitting in.

Cheese toastie/jaffle anyone...?


Anonymous said...

Bwahaha. Takes me right back to 1989 when I first decided that Thai green curry looked like it might be a nice change from Keens curry .... and I made it according to the directions on the pack....

anonymum said...

See, that's a meal I would walk across hot coals for...the hotter the better, and in fact I just had Indian for dinner and my mouth is still feeling it!
Mind you, 1/4 cup is a fair whack...what was it in?

Donna. said...

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a hell of a lot of curry paste .. We're having chicken curry ... It's hotter than normal. It even got Greg tonight!

Ro said...

LOL I'm sticking to good old Keens from now on, Amanda ;)

Mo, the recipe was 1 tin coconut milk, 1/4 cup green curry paste, 1 cup frozen peas, 1 cup grated carrot, 1 cup grated parsnip, cauli and broccoli florets, 4 chicken thighs and I added some extra frozen beans.
Looked fabulous, tasted like it could strip paint at 40 paces lol.
I'd ship it to you, Mo, but they won't let you post dangerous items :P

Ro said...

LOL Donna.
I thought green curry must have been milder than I was led to believe with this recipe...I was wrong lol.

anonymum said...

For someone who doesn't like a hot curry I would suggest a scant tablespoon for that quantity.
Hindsight...fabulous isn't it???
Green curry is the hottest, red next down, and yellow has the least heat.
Actually, whenever I do a vegetable curry, I use yellow curry paste. It's yummy...

Devi said...

Mae Ploy's Green curry is the best! When I overdo the paste, I divide the meal in half and add the same amount of ingredients again.

Yummmm. :-)

@jencull (jen) said...

Lol, good idea of Devi's though. I don't do recipes but if I did I would try that :D

Anonymous said...

Oh darlin!

That's priceless :)

Even me who LOVES green curries and likes them HOT HOT HOT, and eats jalapenos straight from the jar never uses more than 2 teaspoons!
I hope it was a typo - imagine if it were for real!