Saturday, June 26, 2010

Non-dairy Quickie

Ballarat trip was lovely, will expand more on that soon.
Set a food test for Aspie teen while we were out - I let him eat loads of dairy to test a theory I share with our allergist.
Our allergist swears my boy will never out-grow his gluten and dairy intolerance. He even offered a bet on it.
With absolutely no gluten in his diet for the past couple of months or so the culprit of the upset gut had to be dairy.
After noting the bright red, burning hot ears (classical sign of a reaction) and being gassed by constant flatulence that was so bad that even the dog took a hike after it singed everyone's nostril hairs, we're pretty confident the allergist is right.
Now we hunt down cheese substitutes that can melt like 'real' cheese in cheese jaffles.
Until I master the lost art of making home-made soy cheese taste better than shredded cardboard.
That and the occasional chocolate Flake is all he's panicking about.
But the dairy is outta here!


Tammy P. said...

Hi, how did you discover your Aspie had a gluten allergy? My Aspie DD has major issues w/constipation & some rare complaints of "tummy aches". Thoughts? Can you reply via e-mail (

Ro said...

We followed an elimination diet with an allergist, Tammp. It's better to discuss how to go about it with a specialist who's familiar with everything :)