Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Read this and tell me the health system is healthy

My cousin just gave me a newspaper article to read, from last Sunday.
Even though my own son has recently been through/still going through similar experiences - both with his behaviours and with a lack of medical care being forthcoming (which resulted in an apology) - it is still gut-wrenching to read what our kids are put through.
Read the article HERE.
We already know that mental health services for adults is threadbare, with many falling through the gaping holes, but the fact that it's almost non-existent for our kids who could soon be the next generation of adults desperately seeking mental health care is disgusting in 2010.
It's beyond time for the politicians to shut up with empty promises and to put our money where it's needed most - prevention is easier, cheaper and more effective than any band-aid cure.
Early intervention across the board with Every.Single.Diagnosis.


beyond said...

How sad. I'm going through something similar at the moment. I rang the Mental Health line at our local hospital when my son tried to overdose. Their response "oh, he'll just sleep a lot on those..." thanks for the help.

Mary Paddock said...

A heartbreaking story, no doubt about it. It does sound like some changes are in order.

Ro said...

It's so frustrating, Beyond (((hugs))).

Absolutely, Mary.