Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Fool isn't on the hill...yet

My eyesight is worsening (I'm legally blind) and I'm the wrong side of 40.
I don't say this for sympathy but to give you a background of how I view the future for my Aspie teen - coloured in panic.
Until his recent breakdown I thought we were trundling along quite well, that he was progressing, improving, interacting in the wide world with all sorts with nary a problem.
Yes, a rhubarb sweetie dish isn't the only fool in this house.
So, now I join Kelley in worrying for the future for my boy; do parents of those on the Spectrum have a special wall on which they perch, each forever gazing into the distance at the fast approaching Future as the grey hair and worry lines grow?
While the NT people scurry past us, flicking us barely a glance as they celebrate everything their NT child does, giving us only a momentary second of attention wondering, perhaps, at us sitting there.
Do we instinctively know where to find this wall, where to sit, in which order...?
Do we exchange pleasantries with those around us, operating on a first name basis as we will all witness each others children mature and enter adulthood where we will all continue to panic and worry and fret and hyperventilate at the thought that we can not negotiate extra years from Her On High just to supervise our ASD kids safely into late middle age....


@jencull (jen) said...

Yep, I sit on that wall too *waves*. I consider myself lucky to have the support of the other parents on the wall, otherwise I would probably jump off it! Jen

Ro said...

Thanks, hon, glad to know the company is of high quality ;)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I ain't sitting on no wall... I want a THRONE.

And you can have the one right next to me.

And we will live till 110.

fiona2107 said...

"Wait for me" ....*climbing up onto said wall*
Phew...that's better. I feel safer up here. Up here, I am understood and you all know that I am younger than I look as I know you all are too!
Thanks guys :)