Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soy, soy, soy

Be vewy, vewy quiet.
I'm huntin' making soy yoghurt.
Aspie teen hasn't strictly been dairy free although I've been cutting it down and substituting with soy whenever I could.
But then I got hold of the magnifying glass and read the back of the yoghurt containers.
They has gluten in the shape of thickener 1442.
Had a gander at one brand of soy yoghurt in the supermarkets also has the culprit.
Of the non-Tigger kind.
So, I knuckled down and started brewing my own.
Got a peach flavoured dairy-based one residing in Le Chilly Bin and a soy-based vanilla flavoured one burbling in the do-hickey-whats-it maker thingie.
Next on the list is soy cheese.
I hear that animal is pretty common around these parts so I should be home from hunting shortly....


Tammy P. said...

What connection does gluten have to autism? Iasked someone on Twitter & got a snarky answer. :)

@jencull (jen) said...

I have a really strong urge to peep in your window at your do-hickey-whats-it-maker thingy lol. Gluten in a thickner, who knew!! Jen

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Good luck with the soy cheese girl... the premade stuff smells like feet and the homemade is even worse.

Ro said...

There's a theory (typing this from memory without checking with gurgle) that those on the Autistic Spectrum have a leaky gut which allows proteins to enter the bloodstream before they're properly broken down and that they act like opiates on the neurons in the Aspie brain, Tammy.

LOL Jen!
If we get any Peeping Thomasina's, I'll know their name :P

Oh, you inspire me to great heights, Kel, lol. At least I can fob it off as Aspie teens footy gear making the stench :P

infonolan said...

Has your family ever had trouble with soy? I have a friend of mine who is coeliac and has to avoid soy as well. She was an autistic when young. She still can't even tolerate trace amounts of these substances (i.e. wheat glucose syrup, soy lecithin) which has made her diet really restrictive. Apparently it is becoming linked into the GF/CF diet as now the GF/CF/SF diet for some. Not all, but a few, autistic children have to eliminate soy too.