Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can I get unpossessed now? Pea soup optional? kthxbai!

There's something in the air....maybe Spring is just peeping around the corner?
Perhaps there's magic afoot?
Or I've been abducted and probed by aliens again.
Yeah, that last one is likely to soooo on the money *snort*.
I've done a sort-of Skinflint Sunday.
Picked up a fresh chook to roast for $5.20, packet of fresh mushrooms for $1.00, various small steaks for $2 each, a tray of Sweet potatoes for $1.20, you get the idea.
Then, for Dad's lunch I ripped the last bits of chook from last night's dinner, threw 'em into a pot with some butter, diced mushrooms, chopped spring onions, chicken stock, a little milk and voila!
A small casserole for his lunch which cost less than 10 mins of my time and buggered-if-I-can-work-out-the-monetary-bits but it was cheap.
As I had a small homemade gluten,dairy free pie in the oven for his lunch (again left over from last night) I doubled the use of the oven by roasting tomorrow nights dinner now - chook and veggies are doin' their thang.
As the oven will remain warm for quite some time I have a self-saucing chocolate pudding (GFDF) ready to throw in for sweets tonight.
I've also chucked the $3 mince in with a grated  20 cents carrot, a diced 30 cents onion, a chopped 10 cents spring onion, a 50 cent slurp of chicken stock and a 75 cent tin of diced tomatoes, mixed well and it's resting in the fridge before it stars in tonights rendition of GFDF spag bol.
And I polished the floors.
*gasp* I know!!!
I'm organised and totally kicking this housework malarky!
Definitely something wrong.
Oh, and the Aspie teen is playing footy somewhere in the belting rain and mud.


Lisa said...

My house, filing cabinet and garage clearout... kgo

Ro said...


River said...

You polished the floors??
I can't even find my floors under several layers of dust.