Monday, July 19, 2010

D'ya wanna know a secret? (ooooh ahhh ooooh) D'ya promise not to tell?

*Warning - heavy duty swearing ahead*
The secret is....parenting ASD kids can suck hairy fuckin' dogs' balls.

Another meltdown today, a major one that chewed through the whole frigging day.
Seriously, I have not the fuckin' foggiest idea where they think parents can pull the magic wand from - that's the magic wand that we're still looking for, mind you - to wave and make these situations all better.
*those last two words said with saccharine sweetness*
I can assure you I aint pulling no magic stick from my arse and if I were I wouldn't be waving it willy-nilly about expecting some ethereal being to 'zap' things better, ffs.
If I had the misfortune to pull any stick from my rear it would involve a great deal more bloody swearing than is happening here and the promise to whack whoever put it there upside their dipsy-doodled nut.
Tally today - bruises = dunno, they haven't come out yet.
Hair = mostly intact (except for the hair that was pulled out by the roots).
Breakage = egg timer.
Overall, not too bad for a full on meltdown that lasted all day.

Last night, a minor meltdown.
What over?
The kid had his hand accidentally kicked in a footy match.
I asked "Does it hurt?"
Then a bit later I asked him to write a reply to a lady who'd sent him a letter.
Meltdown !!!!
When I was able to hold the punching, kicking rugrat still for more than a flippin' nanosecond what do I spy?
A very swollen knuckle.
"Does it hurt?" I ask
"No, I told you it doesn't hurt." he snapped back.
"Go and pick up a pencil" I said.
"No, it hurts to hold a pencil"
The farking concrete thinking becomes even thicker and more Rapid-Set with pain on board, apparently.
"So, this is all about the fact your finger hurts and you can't hold a pencil or pen to write a reply?"
"Why didn't you just say your finger hurt?"
"Cos it doesn't hurt."
Grinding teeth here - by the way at this rate I'll be down to the gums within the next few years - when I replied,
"Ok, why didn't you say that your finger hurt when you tried to pick up a pencil?"
"Oh, I didn't realise it hurt."


Anonymous said...

You are doing SO much better than I would...I would be swearing alot more I think...and..btw... I have some wiggs here if you ever need some.. just sayin' ...huggs to you.,. I so hope your evening is better than your day!

Anonymous said...

OOps, it is me..Cazzie...sorry... that is me above there! Huggs again

Ro said...

LOL Thanks for the wig offer, Cazzie, and the hugs, much appreciated ;)

River said...

Save the pulled out by the roots hair and have THAT made into a wig. That way, years from now, when people say "is that your real hair?" you can truthfully say yes, even as it slips down over the shininess that is your bald head.

Wanderlust said...

I imagine this blog is a bit of a magic wand, yes? I've found that when all else fails, there is comfort in the act of expression.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

come on over babe. I will share my valium with you.

And I don't share my magic pills with just anyone you know.