Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hmmmm pizza, yummy yummy

I gots me a happy feral Aspie teen geeky kid thing.
"Why?", you ask, full of curiosity.
*go on, then, look curious*
Because, I merrily reply, his Mother Dearest adorned in her purpliest of purple gum boots managed to produce a gluten and dairy free pizza base that
  • A) doesn't resemble a piece of cardboard
  • B) doesn't have the taste of a soggy recycled camel jockey's armpit and
  • C) doesn't make him fart Vivaldi's Four seasons in F minor.
THEN to follow it up I produced gluten and dairy free chocolate and peach cupcakes that are SUGAR free.
And got the 2 thumbs up from the Aspie geek who chomped on a few as he watched the season finale of Doctor Who.
With parents who were Whovians and Trekkies their whole lives the poor kid never stood a chance.
Hmmmm, pizza......


Devi said...

I may need cooking lessons from you, Chef extraordinaire! Sounds magnificent!
Devs Xxx

Lisa said...

May I just say:

Geek Teen Heaven.

Ours will be attending their 3rd GenCon in September.

Ro said...

I just throw the lot together and hope for divine assistance, Devi :P

That looks totally mad, Lisa!
Mine would love it if we lived up there :)