Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hi Jean! Hygiene!

I must add, on the tail end of yesterdays post, Aspie teen avoids the shower but when we can shoehorn him into it it can take up to an hour for him to actually turn the water on and get in.
Then he needs reminding to shampoo his hair, wash his face, etc, or he'd just stand under the water.
Then we have to nag for him to turn the water down/or off as he usually has it at the force a fireman would expect to find at the end of his hose to fight a raging inferno.
Or he stands there for hours staring into space.
Then we might ask if he remembered to dry himself properly as we mop up the puddles from bathroom to his room.
"Oh. No. There wasn't a towel so I just walked to my bedroom and got dressed," is sometimes the reply.
Nevermind that the towels are in a cupboard that you have to pass to walk into or out of the bathroom.
He has barely touched a comb in his entire life to subdue his hair and refuses to let me near him with one, either.
A number 2 or 3 buzzcut usually keeps it in check once or twice per year.
I almost fell over with shock when he correctly used the phrase 'hair product' in a sentence the other day.
Thought he'd been abducted by aliens.
But then he admitted he'd read an ad for 'hair mud' and thought it was a new cultural discovery from Ancient Egypt or Roman Britain.
Ahhh, yes, my Aspie geek; might not be the most well-presented in a crowded room but he'd probably be the only one who could thrill a girl with detailed instructions on how to remove a dead persons brains, with a crochet hook, via their nasal passage.
What more could a girl ask for on a date!?!


AJ said...

Love it, just love it.

I described the stages of decomposition to a guy over dinner. He didn't ask me out again. *sigh*

fiona2107 said...

Oh Ro, I can always count on you and your fabulous writing and stories to put a big fat smile on my face.
Thank you :)

Ro said...

Then he wasn't worth your time ;)

No worries, Fi :)

Casdok said...

Love the hair mud thought!!

Stimey said...

He just has to find the right girl. :)

My first name is Jean and people always thought it was HI-larious to say "hygiene" to me. Ah, you took me back.

Lisa said...

Bwahahaha. You just described Dreamer in the shower.

His psychiatrist calls it OCD.

We've recently experimented with the concept of a BATH. As in, a set amount of water, stay in as long as you want (or until you freeze, whichever comes first). It's working so far - he hasn't discovered the concept of 'topping up the hot water'. Long may it last.

Ro said...

LOL Casdok, gave me a start when he used those words!

Oh, Lordy, Jean, it's an old joke ;)

Aspie teen avoid the bath, Lisa, cos he knows the water gets cold but he hasn't the confidence to turn the hot water on to top it up.