Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where she gets all tree huggin' greeny hippy-ish earth mama thingie

Yep, I'd read increasing anecdotal reports over the years about improvements in ASD kids after they'd got up close and personal with dolphins.
Dolphins are the clever clogs, smarter than those 2 legged critters who think they're running this planet, at any rate.
The other day I came across this article which outlines how more dolphins are being bought for a marine park in China to interact and act as 'doctors' to kids on the Spectrum.
Yeah, I thought it was great.
At first.
I mean, c'mon, it gives you the touchy-feely warm fuzzies to think good old wise dolphins have the answers.
I was even contemplating looking up those 'swim with the dolphin' type tours if it would help Aspie teen.
Less medication, more natural, decreased anxiety and stress levels, what parent wouldn't jump at it?
Then, I read this report about how desperate this dolphin was just to get back to the wild that he leapt out of his tank.
And, the fact they are sentient beings was driven home.
Heck, even the octopus smarts have been highlighted with Whatshisname picking all the soccer (football) winners since 2008.
Next, we'll be thinking twice before slurping down a scallop from the local fish and greasies.
Which makes this article about dolphin slaughter in Japan sickening.
And this article about them being slaughtered for bait in the Amazon equally sickening.
Do I still think catching these wild creatures and making them get all cutesy with ASD kids is a good idea?
It doesn't matter what the excuse is that we give ourselves to justify it, it is still only 1 step up from slaughtering them.
And there's no good enough reason on this earth to with-hold the freedom of another creature for our amusement.


@jencull (jen) said...

Anyone can make just as good a connection with a lovely family dog and we have to take responsibility for them within the family unit, another bonus in my view:) Jen

JahTeh said...

'Dolphins to China', just brilliant considering they've just exterminated their own dolphin species. Brain freeze but I think it was the Yellow River dolphin.

Ro said...

Exactly, Jen.

Yep, that's the one, J.