Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've bitten the bullet and given in

It's not as drastic as it sounds, really.
I've bitten the bullet and bought a laminator.
They're on special at the moment and it's the one thing I need to plaster signs all over the bathroom for Aspie teen.
Signs like "Brush your teeth!"
"Wash your hair!"
"Have you got a clean towel?"
"Get a towel from the cupboard!"
"Shampoo your hair!"
"Dry between your toes!"
"Get dressed in CLEAN clothes"
Cos the Good Goddess on High knows I'm sick of the sound of my own voice chanting the same things over and over and over and over...
Then I thought I can plaster a few signs up on his bedroom walls and in the kitchen, like,
"Eat your brekkie"
"No Tv while eating brekkie"
"Put the newspaper down and EAT your brekkie"
"Wash your bowl"
"WASH it with water and a sponge"
"Get your medicine"
"Get your medicine, you forgot"
"Don't forget your MEDICINE!"
"Have you swallowed your medicine???"
Then, on the back of the front door I can nail,
"Don't you dare set one foot outside this house unless you've tossed your medicine down your gullet!"

And underneath...
"Yes, I WILL check!!!!"


fiona2107 said...

You've burst my bubble RO!
You mean it only gets HARDER??????

Lulu said...

Awww come on! It couldn't have been that hard to buy one.....bit the bullet?, I'm looking for ANY excuse!

Amy said...

the laminator will prove a worthwhile investment! I got one last year - we have laminated schedules including ones that you can velcro on/off to change things round! And we have one in the bathroom showing the correct use of toilet - first, use toilet, then flush, then wash hands. I think I need to make that one about 6 foot high though...
I have just finished laminating several pages of a home made social story for our trip to Sydney tomorrow. I am hoping it helps with some of the bedtime anxiety and wanting to go home rather than go to bed in the hotel.
And yes, I echo Fi's comments - it really gets harder??!!!

Ro said...

Sorry, Fi, once puberty hits it's like walking through molasses.

Going gangbusters with it, Lulu lol.

I've just done some daily activities, Amy, I'm amazed at how much easier he's 'getting' it.