Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why I saddled up this hobby horse in this horse race

Blogging is not new to me but personal blogging is.
I have a history blog I write under another name, referring in passing to my son's autism (and his giftbag of other labels) but never giving out many details of him.
Until recently.
He finally allowed me to burble about him and the issues he faces, no longer feeling that it was merely more grist for 'them' to tease him with.
And plus I was over-flowing with stuff I couldn't talk about.
Honestly, I was bursting at times, wanting to talk to other mums of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) kids but unable to openly discuss Aspie teen, even with some friends.
Since I started this blog it's been amazing.
I have found some fabulous parents to get ideas from, borrow strength and to share jokes with.
Sometimes the Autistic Spectrum creates a select niche of people who aren't fully understood by those looking on; we're weird, we talk in a form of short-hand together, we get where each other is coming from, sometimes we've been on the same path together, maybe a little ahead or a little behind the other but the same seemingly roundabout path of therapists, specialists, neurologists, allergists, GPs,speechies, physios, psychologists and psychiatrists.
Then not to forget trawling through the latest medical breakthrough that gets trumpeted from the rooftops by the media and discuss it back and forth, swapping urls, names of recommended specialists, medicines, routines, etc.
We have little time to ourselves, we're forever running about for our kids, mostly we're just.too.tired to deal with other people who (for example) whinge about their child who can't recite their alphabet at age 3 when ours is yet to learn to crawl but can write the entire alphabet at the same age.
Sometimes plodding on the ASD road can be bloody lonely, hard and exhausting yet there's a million other ASD parents out there willing to give you a gentle pat on the back to help you get your second wind and tackle another day.
This personal blogging lark has paid for itself in spades with all the lovely people I've met.
Thanks :)


Madmother said...

Oh yeah!

Good place to meet new friends this ASD blogworld, lol.


AJ said...

You're a good looking old goat. ;)

Mrs. C said...

LOL Yep... never knew I'd be a part of this illustrious club myself. :)

Anonymous said...

It's so important to be able to vent, and share...
I'm so pleased you can do both and more here :)


p.s. I'm never signed in when I visit you here, cos I come via facebook I think!

Mary Paddock said...

And it's a huge help to hear that you're not alone, and that it is hard, but you can handle it.

Wanderlust said...

I've found the blogworld to be a source of immense emotional support. I'm glad you have as well. xx

Cheryl D. said...

I absolutely, totally agree! That's a big reason why I like blogging!

Fiona2107 said...

We love you Ro!
It's so great that with you being further ahead on this journey than I am- I am able to gain wonderful advice and tips for what you've already been through.
Thanks you so much for that!

So Now What? said...

So so good. Unsure where I'd be without being able to check out other stories. x Bern

@jencull (jen) said...

Oh how I agree, I have met some fabulous people through blogging and even though I have never met them I still tell my husband about my 'friends' lol. He doesn't really get it, but he knows it is important to me. Well done you for getting it into words, you said it all! Jen

DQ (Amy) said...

I cannot agree with you more! I am so glad to have taken the step of connecting with an online community, as you say, it is a significant part of having a support network. So many people not walking the ASD road are well intentioned, sympathetic but just don't "get it", which is what helps me so much from people like yourself and your fabulous blog. I also love all your recipes :)

Jen said...

I agree with you :). Blogging and most importantly other Aspie Mum bloggers were such a huge help when we got the diagnosis and whenever I need to vent or just to read others journeys helps. It is so good to find people who 'get it' :)

Megan said...

So true - there are so many wonderful people in this blogging community. Lovely to meet you via the carnival :)

Tina @ Tina Gray {dot} Me said...

It's amazing just how supportive the blogging community really is. I'm glad that you have a place to vent and share. x