Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am soooooo bad at mummyhood

I am such a horrid mummy.
I dragged my dear son to the op shop which he loves and bought him a long stitch kit for a measly $3.
Yes, I realise he's a boy and, no, I'm not having retro-post-natal-aspirations for my offspring's gender.
His fine motor skills need tweaking now and then; he burbles along quite well then something happens and I'll realise he's out of kilter - like a growth spurt has made his spatial awareness skew-whiff and he needs to relearn to adjust his personal space with his size 14 feet, etc.
So, yeah, yesterday we all discovered the fact he had nfi how to thread a needle.
Much angst and meltdowns and screaming, grunting, and crapola ensued
No it didn't, really.
Just thought I'd throw in a drama queen moment.
He managed to thread his first sewing needle about 2 hours into his first real sewing project.
And who taught him how to thread a needle and how to do long stitch?
Don't look at me, it was his Dad what done it.


AJ said...

*gasp* You allow your menfolk to do *choke* women's work?

How did dad teach the Aspie teen to thread a needle without step by step instructions? ;)

River said...

I quite like longstitch stuff, not that I do any, just like how the finished projects look.
My mum tried to get me interested in tapestry.

@jencull (jen) said...

Lol, I can just imagine it. I love cross stitching myself, but don't get time to do it anymore. Maybe when my children are a bit older I can teach them. Fair commment about the spatial awareness, I notice it in both of my boys age 8 and 2, they are at very different stages so it really is as you say, they need time to adjust to their new size:) Jen

carriemumof2withasd said...

Ro you are such a crack up lol
man i love reading your life stories:)

I am soo shit at sewing but its book week next week an I have to hand sew a donkey costume for my daughter :(

I'm sure it will end in tears lol

have a great day funny lady :)

Ro said...

Thanks, girls :)

Deb said...

I love longstitch, what a good idea for co-ordination. It's really funny how noticeable the changes are, isn't it - you can literally see them changing size and shape. We know there is a growth spurt happening when there are lots of sore knees and grazes.