Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to get ones kid to join in the silly games

By doin' it old school.
Was up at the crack of Dawn to get up to the Sunday Market only for the heavens to open and the sky juice to persistently piss bucket down.
So, hubby and I did what any other normal kid of the 70s would do - flicked the pay tv channel over to Lost In Space.
I swear, there are bajillions of seasons and episodes of these old series we never saw here in Oz, like the Aussie tv channels only bought a couple of seasons and replayed them to death.
Anyways, there was angst in the Robinson camp with Don goin' all macho and lasering poor old Robot til he didn't babble any more.
*insert sad face here*
Although the weird-arse Spock-eared chimp was super-dooper ok to sit around and just look cute, no one ever questioned that critter's evil intentions.
And, of course, as this was the first ever black and white episode of Lost in Space Aspie teen had ever actually seen we had to do the "Warning Will Robinson, danger, danger, Warning Will Robinson"  Robot chant while flailing our arms about like pieces of rubbery spaghetti.
The last bit was what tipped Aspie teen over the edge.
Staring at the mad woman, trying so hard not to split his sides with laughter he his behind his father begging "Make the bad lady go away, Daddy. Or I'll have to get the evil chimp to atomise her."
Then, he proceeded to sit through the rest of the angsty episode (Judy and Don exchanged angry looks!!!! *cue dramatic music!!!*) and picked fault with the sci-fi writers who obviously knew nothing about astronomy or the planets or even basic science.
Yeah, good times.


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Andrew said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Robot was the only nice character in the show. I saw an episode a couple of years ago and I could not get past how fake the rocks looked.

River said...

I remember Lost In Space, but preferred Star Trek (the tv series, not the movies, they weren't out yet),and Doctor Who.
With Lost In Space, I just wanted to take that doctor and shove him out into space.

Fi said...

I seriously LOVE your family Ro! :)

Mary Paddock said...

We recently introduced Lost in Space around here. It didn't take, sadly enough, but they did get a few chuckles out it. :)

Maddy said...

Ooo I've not watched that for eons but I can see how that might appeal [all round] around here.