Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back on the GFDF diet after a 48 hour fudge up

The Aspie teen had begged and begged to go back on a 'normal' diet so we agreed to relax the gluten free rules.
Tuesday he bought a container of bikkies from a Large Supermarket Chain, plain with choc chips.
He went a bit aggro and was a bit babbly in speech although it (Thankfully!) didn't last long.
Today he bought another container of the bikkies except it was double chocolate choc chip.
And went to sleep, then very aggro, very babbly and really right off about anything and everything.
After about 40 mins it stopped.
But his ears!
They have always been a barometer of his food allergies and tonight they were glowing bright red, hot to touch and screaming like a fire alarm that he was having a probable reaction.
The flash has actually bleached a lot of the colour out as they are much darker in real life.
He apologised for his behaviour and listened to us when we pointed out his reactions to these bikkies, he listened to us when we read out the ingredient list and was quite surprised to see that colours and flavours were just some of the ingredients listed, along with the usual suspects of wheat and milk.
I reminded him that whenever us mums cook at home none of us reach for the flavours or colours, yet our baked goodies are still yum.
And he agreed that he really needs to be on the GFDF diet.
Small victories but victories nonetheless!

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River said...

I can clearly see how "hot" his ears look. It's great that he's listened to you and agreed that he's better off on the GFDF diet.

Cheryl D. said...

That's great that he internalized the connection!

Joyce said...

I never realised the ear ds ears are quite often red and hot, especially when he is in his foul moods! Will pay more attention now I think!

Fen said...

phwoar, the poor thing, those ears look almost painful

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Poor kid. I've heard about the burning ear thing a few times now. it is so good that you guys let him try it out and see fr himself. he has probably really taken it on board now, if you know what I mean.