Friday, September 17, 2010

Goin' up the country where the water tastes like wine

The boy and I are running away for a night in magical Dunolly on Sunday.
We're booked into a history tour with the local historical society and we get to meet up with some fabulous people again.
Their immediate reaction to hearing that Aspie teen was Aspie was "Ok, cool, our minister has a son on the Spectrum, too. Want another home made cream cake?"
And a former school teacher was so excited to hear we were homeschooling, asking loads of questions, telling me how she thinks it's wonderful and a great way to teach kids.
Oooooooookay, completely arse-about reaction we get with a lot of people in the urbane city!
The magic of the country town is the lack of smog, lack of noise, no street lights (!), no constant rumble of traffic, streets so quiet we've spied kids playing street cricket and footy - something you so do not see in the 'burbs these days.
We approached the one and only pedestrian crossing and were a good 10 metres away from even stepping onto the crossing...but drivers slowed down and stopped in readiness.
OMG - old fashioned values!
Freakin' awesome!
Shop keepers made eye contact with a smile and remembered our names after one months gap in our visits.
No judgments,  no pigeon-holing, just acceptance and friendliness.
Do we really have to come home on Monday....?


River said...

Sounds like Dunolly is the perfect place to live. If you're in love with peace and quiet that is. And I am.

Cheryl D. said...

Wow, my comment will actually be relevant to your post (what a concept!)! Have a great time! Enjoy the country life!

Fi said...

Oh Ro.....I am a country girl.....I grew up in Scone NSW, I have to tell you that not a day goes by when I don't miss the simplicity of the country life and their values. The small town country folk are delightful!
Sydney really is so ho -hum!

Mrs. C said...

Oh, boy. The one small town I lived in, the blacks had to be out by dark. Or else.

I'm glad your experience was different!