Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grumble, grumble

Have been playing the squeaky wheel that gets the oil with my dad's nursing/medical staff.
Yes, I got medieval on some of their asses but, amazingly, someone finally took notice of what I'd been saying.
Only since Sunday.
But, hey, they can bury their mistakes.
And when he's out of that place I may post a rip-roaring critique of the pervading craptastic attitude towards basic communication.
Because, apparently, communication in nursing is soooo passe, some clock on to do their very minimum and are coated in teflon to avoid being responsible for anyone who is in their care.
But....enough of that for now.
Let's go play in the sunshine!


madmother@work said...

Bejeebus, do I get this one!

So what, we leading parallel lives? Lol.

Was thinking of ringing you on weekend but life intervened. Or should I say hospital life...

River said...

Sometimes you really do need to do the jumping up and down thing. Shouldn't have to, but when that's the only thing that gets their attention, go for it.

Mrs. C said...

Are we twins?? I just titled my latest blog post Grumble, Grumble as well... ODD, I tell you.

Is it just cynical of me to go, "At least they finally listened?" Hope they are able to help enough so that everyone is on an even keel soon!!

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Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Oh girl, I am feeling your pain...

And it is not just the nurses. F*ck me dead.

When you have finished kicking their arses I could do with a little help over here too.