Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's alive, I tell you! ALIVE!!!!

I'm still alive!
Been a bit snowed under with Dad back in hospital, going up and down on antibiotics and oxygen like a rabid chipmonk on alcohol-soaked acorns.
Yeah, I learned my nature stuff real good from Chip 'n' Dale cartoons, didn't I?
Aspie teen has been managing so far, so good, touch wood, fingers crossed, toss the salt over your left shoulder.
He's been stressed at times but he stays focused enough to answer questions as we try to identify the irritation - tonight it was the fact he was expecting home made pizza I'd promised and I'd been caught up playing with the new chook, attacking housework and chasing therapists for Dad.
So, him and his palate were all angsty and ready for a hissy at the thought of vegies and rice and noodles!
I mean to say....!
What was I thinking *rolls eyes at self*.
So, we talked him down, got him to put his plate in the oven and make himself a liverwurst sanga.
Which is a win:win as he gets something he likes and he made his own food which is difficult in recent times.
He went to see The Wimpy Kid Diary movie today with his Aspie teen social group and really enjoyed it.
He's read the book and was happy with the movie so the producers need not fear any letters winging their way to complain long and loud.
Yes, that was sarcasm but he really would vent via email to Whomever Was Responsible.
Thank you to the producers for getting it right, it saved my ear being chewed off before yours!

Hope to be around to your blogs soon-ish :)


Cheryl D. said...

Sorry to hear you're going through a tough time with your dad. I'm glad your son is doing well though!

Mrs. C said...

Wowww... I'm so glad your aspie teen is doing well right now. For me, right when things are difficult or change too much is when everyone else breaks down.

Good for your son! :)

River said...

I have the same reaction when I promise myself early in the dat that I'll cook this or that for dinner, then later on I can't be bothered and have baked beans on toast instead. It's an acceptable meal, but my stomach and mouth wish I'd bothered with the promised goodies.

Hope your dad gets better.