Friday, November 12, 2010

Floggin' Frugal Friday Post

No photos, sorry, I'm battling a broked computer and have snaffled Aspie teen's laptop, so bear with me.
Now, Frugal Friday!
I bought these the other day and saved them just for this post - some op shop finds to lessen my carbon footprint.
For Aspie teen there were 3 brand new books in the Santa Paws series - Santa Paws, Santa Paws Saves The Day and The Return of Santa Paws.
Just to balance out the feel-good warm fuzzies he found a video copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas which had him chortling with glee.
For the rest of us we found some fabulous BRAND new, never been opened Chrissy decorations (silver and purple tree decorations) still sealed in their packets and 3 sets of battery operated lights, also brand new.
Each cost us $2 each, while the video was 99 cents.
The last few Xmas' we've found some wonderful old vintage decorations, some collectables, for a pittance at the op shops.
Instead of buying up each year, go have a gander at your local second hand shop and consider shrinking your carbon footprint at a time of the year when most people go nuts with too many of everything.

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Kebeni said...

thanks for joining in this week. I have found some great christmas bargains at op shops over the years

Christie said...

I only just discovered op shopping this year....I know! Where have I been? It is definitely one part of reducing our footprints that I love!

River said...

Oh, there's way too many links there for me to start following. I'm a slow reader and can just barely keep up with my regulars.
I've never thought of op-shopping for decorations. I really don't need any, but I might pop in next time I'm near an op-shop.

Anonymous said...

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