Monday, November 8, 2010

Geek kid alert

Hi-de-ho, yo sexy Mums of all kidlets!
Nah, she's not getting all creepy and crap, we need to praise the carers... cos we're the ones who cop the flack so let's cop some slack ;)
Had a fab meeting with the Paediatrician of Wonderful, who assured me Aspie teen will only tower over me a little (I'm 5ft 9) and he estimates he'll hit the 6ft 3in mark sometime in the future but we're happy to wait for that to come along.
I gave Aspie teen his laminated schedule and asked him to pick out at least one thing each day he wanted to keep, as we're re-evaluating everything to give him more down time to de-stress and off-load his anxiety.
So far, he's picked maths (text books), maths online and by email, science (text books), science online and by email, art, history, geography, culture and homeschooling excursions.
Yeah, he's ditched all the fiddly fun stuff, typical Aspie *snort*
Then promptly checked out the Open University units he'd like to do next year and followed it up by making a bajillion Lolcats.
We popped into the local library tonight where we bought a shedload of books, many near-new for 50 cents each - our library culls its books and sells them off regularly.
A book Aspie teen almost threw himself on to grab is a beauty The Physics of Atmospheres.
Yeah, 50 cents.
He's a happy lil camper but, almost as important, so is his mother's hip pocket!


@jencull (jen) said...

Wow, 50 cents and a happy boy, what more can you ask for! Jen (oh, good morning:) )

Ro said...

*waves back from 11pm at night* ;)

Dollfinn! said...

Mmm gotta love spamming comments hey, oh well.

Love the 50c resell from the library, wish our library did that. We go through books like the truckload as well although sadly mine is more interested in science fiction than science at the moment. He still lives in pokemon world, although he states he knows pokemen isnt reality, that is yet to be confirmed.

And lol at the slight towering, i have noticed i now have to raise my eyeballs to see the top of his hair, which means he is only an inch or two shorter than me and i am 175cm or 5 foot 10 inches, he will be 13 in January. Am guessing he is taking after his grandfather (6f4'), his uncle S (6f2') and uncle C (6f7').

Thinking I should invest in a shoe factory soon, as all of the above wear size 12, 14 & 17 mens shoes, Moo currently wears size 8 mens. My hip pocket does not like this idea at all lol!

Mrs. C said...

That's so wonderful! At least you have an area or two that is "easy" for now, eh? God bless! :)

carriemumof2withasd said...

love it
I want 50 cent books!!!! where do you live???????????? lol
I like the sound of homeschooling excursions too :)

River said...

My kids are all taller than me too, and two of the grandchildren are even taller. They have to bend down to hug me.
My library sometimes sells off books, but not many and most as dull as dishwater.