Friday, November 5, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the insect wrangling ranch....

So far, so good.
Don't speak too loudly but, while there are still a few small hiccups in behaviour (c'mon, let's face it, there are NO magic bullets in medicine), Aspie teen is getting engaged in schoolwork and activities again.
I've used this handwriting worksheet generator  numerous times over the years and I've found it to be great; you can print sentences that are all about the child, rather than bland "The ladybird slaughtered the whole herd of aphids on the roses".
Which really grabs their attention from the start.
Problem was, though, that Aspie teen wasn't able to stay focused or retain any of the cursive practice as he couldn't see the point of it all.
Today, I explained that it was similar to him not crawling, that it was a necessary milestone he needed to go back and complete to get the wiring in his brain into gear.
This really helped him zero in and make the effort, finishing 4 worksheets quickly but tidily.
Oh, I forgot to mention - the worksheet generator now prints paragraphs instead of just sentences or words, so you can make more of a mark with the kidlets.
Another thing we've got him making is an insect box, like this one here.
For a few years now we've umm-ed and ahh-ed about getting a bee hive, or even a native (sting-less) bee hive but either we're too close to other neighbours or the climate isn't right for the native bees, yet we do have some native bees in our garden.
To encourage all manner of insects for pollination and pest control ("The ladybird slaughtered a whole herd of aphids on the roses") we're bunging together a fair few of these insect/bug boxes and slinging them all about the garden to get the buggies happy and happenin'.
Cos when the bugs are happy, so is the environment.
And so is bug-obsessed Aspie teen *snort*.

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Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Oh that sounds really cool!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Ro, I get so excited when I notice that you have a new post. You always crack me ip!
Today I was giggling after only reading the title!
Your way with words never disappoints me.
And I'm laughing WITH you, not At you ;)

River said...

Glad to hear some measure of normalcy is being restored. Insect hive sounds interesting, clicking the link now.

@jencull (jen) said...

Seeing this I am reasonably grateful (between giggles) that my fella doesn't like bugs!! Jen

Kebeni said...

I have just awarded you a versatile blog award. For details visit here

Dollfinn! said...


Dances around the room gleefully with a handful of paper promising information on the history of anime whilst encouraging handwriting practice. Such a pity the preteen isnt awake to have this thrust upon him :(

Also going to show him the insect box, looks good, maybe it will encourage him to do something with all the leftover bits of renovation materials we have on offer currently.

Anonymous said...

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