Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Balaclava Bagels nom nom nom nom nom nom

So, we're in February.
Where'd that month go!
Scared much?!
School starts on Friday for us here in Victoria - yeah, go figure, some bureaucrat was let loose with the calendar to pick a date, any date for kids to return to school and out of a whole calendar....they had to choose a Friday.
In Summer.
In what has turned out to be an uncivilised heatwave.
Guess those monkeys are still running the nuthouse, eh?
Anyway, the feral Aspie teen is officially beginning distance ed on Friday.
Could be interesting.
Had him off to headspace today to see the psychiatrist - he's too complex and has been referred back to good old CAMHS.
But, despite the blistering heat, the furnace-like wind blasting the skin off our faces and drying our eyeballs into shrivelled up little prunes we managed to wrestle a smoked salmon, cream cheese with capers bagel from the ever delish Glicks Bakery nom nom nom nom nom nom.
I was good and merely drooled salivated wildly watched while he et the delectable morsel.


Daniel said...

Love Glicks bagels. Happily they have an outlet here in Bentleigh (and another in the city).

Beet said...

Lets hope CAMHS don't try to ping pong you back onto someone else too :S

River said...

Our SA kids went back to school yesterday.
Love smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, but you can keep the capers.