Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello everyone

my name is Aspie Teen Geek, I am 14, I have autism and Ro is my mum, I will be writing from my point of view of my life.

My likes are transformers (especially the toys), I like reading, science, biology, history, computer and video games, and the natural world.

My dislikes are people who make fun of people who are different, bullies, people who stare at me, and people who would like to see historic structures/habitats pulled down for develepment.

I'm signing off for now, Bye.


peskypixies said...

Hi there Apsie Teen Geek,
nice to meet you!!


peskypixies said...

please excuse my bad spelling.

fiona2107 said...

Nice to meet you aspie teen geek :)

fiona2107 said...

Nice to meet you aspie teen geek :)

Cheryl D. said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing with us!

Ðéví said...

Heyla A-Teen, great to see you writing here.
Devi :-)

Myst_72 said...

Hi There :)

Nice to meet you,

I will look forward to reading :)


River said...

Hello Aspie Teen, welcome to the blogworld.
I like reading too and I liked science when I was in school, but I haven't learned anything more about it since then.
I'm completely hopeless at computer and video games.

Fen said...

Greetings ATG, nice to cyber meet you. Hopefully we'll here more from you in the future :)