Friday, April 8, 2011

So, swearing rant in milder format to not piss off the precious poppets

Ok, I've untwisted my fucking knickers and figure I should be a bit more fucking politically correct about this whole fucking Aspergers are "fucked up" business.
So I've removed the fucking post - just in case I might accidentally fucking offend some fucking precious right-to-free-fucking-speech wanker who whinges that "it's just a joke" but who would, oddly, turn a pasty shade of green were his nuts to be put in a fucking vice while we chanted "it's just a joke" - and, of course, I'd never live with myself should I upset the fucking 'comedian' in question.
Cos you don't wanna fuck them off.

Although word  on the street is that an Aspie -sorry, must remember the correct diagnosis, brought to us by a fully-qualified fucking comedian - a fucked up person has a hell of a temper and should be treated with a little more fucking respect.
Y'know, the same sort of fucking respect those screechy lil biatches demand at the top of their whiny little lungs in the shops when they've been too fucking stupid to realise they've walked in front of some bimbo (moi) with a white cane or that idiot (hubby) pushing a fucking eleventy tonne wheelchair (which ran over their fucking toes with  the most satisfying speed hump-ish squishy feeling but we do not want to encourage wheelchair rage so, kids, please don't run over the fuckwits....let Mother Nature take care of them for us) because fucking everyone must look out for THEM.

They suffer from the disability of Brain-Dead-Fuck-Knuckle-itis.
People, I put before you the real "Fucked up" population.
Although 'itis' usually indicates inflammation or infection of a particular body part, in reality they're simply inflamming the bowels of a bajillion sane, commonsense people which results in giving us the shits.


Kim (frog ponds rock) said...

tad peeved then my luvverly? xxx

Ðéví said...

There is something so free and fluent about your rants. *hugs*

Doesn't having to remove your post constitute a breach of freedom of speech?

And its interesting that Denise has highlighted something I have been trying to explain to my 11 yr old lately. You can't blame other people for misunderstanding you if you don't make the effort to be CLEAR and PRECISE in your words.

Interesting how people fall back on "it's a joke" when they realise they've gone to far but don't want to take the consequences of their actions.

Time to hot up Dad's wheels with some spikes, methinks. ;)
Love you.

GB's Mom said...

You could of just left the post- it would have given the nitwits some mental exercise that they need so badly. Nice rant.

Andrew said...

Of course people can leave comments on the You Tube clip.

Deb said...

There are idiots over on Mama Mia basically saying 'but didn't everyone get that she wasn't really talking about aspies?'
And after a hundred comments I was the first to point out that, you know, understanding jokes is one of the things they have a little trouble with and maybe a *professional* comedian should have thought about that a little.

She was lazy and sloppy and going for headlines through controversy, obviously she can't get them because she's any good.

The comments there are making me need to rant, and I'm only involved through friendships. People are wankers.

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Happy Elf Mom said...

I'm left after reading this post thinking that you should have more help. There is no way you should have to be pushing a wheelchair like that at all.

I do wish that some of these folks thought through what it would feel like to be joked about like that. Hugs xx