Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Confessions of a bored blogger

I have a confession to make.
I haven't blogged here for ages cos I found life...everything... boring.
Same old, same old; monumental meltdowns coupled with calls to emergency services, smashed up house, asking for help...and stress.
Oh, yes, that added extra every parent needs.
That was sarcasm dripping on the keyboard if you didn't notice.

If I found the whole thing as stimulating as watching bat shit dry, what could I offer you to read...the back of a cereal packet?

My gorgeous Feral Aspie teen has started back at mainstream school.
Thereby hangs a tale of mystery.
Through a series of events/circumstances/comments/attitudes, etc, he did not start at his school until AFTER the bully (who nearly caused him to have a complete breakdown in primary school) was EXPELLED from the very same school.
My Dad was looking after his beloved grandson.
This child of mine has laughed at ribbing earning grudging respect...he has come back with funny responses when someone has given him lip....he has been polite, well-mannered with his teachers....he has corrected smartarses who tried to prove him wrong in front of teachers (who backed him up), yesterday he braved name-calling on the bus to liberate some terracotta pots from hard rubbish for me.

Then this morning we got a call to tell us how much he is liked at school.
How much his teachers like him and like having him in their classes.
How impressed they are with his academic work.
How much the other kids like him.
How some have dubbed him "the coolest dude".

Our lives changed with his diagnosis at age 2, it changed again when he faced so many challenges at the start of school, then our existence changed again when the bullying got out of control for which I began homeschooling him.
Again our lives changed following his head injury and his behavioural change.
After 4 years of homeschooling he was ready to return to mainstream school and, through serendipity (his Pa watching over him) we found him the right school that was the right fit, with small classes, at the right time.

The sun is shining despite the pouring rain outside my window.
Our life has changed again after the phone call this morning.
My boys beautiful nature is having a chance to shine through once more.


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

So lovely when you get ositive feedback. I'm glad he is doing well at school. It's so nice when they come into their own. We have found that with mal this year too.

River said...

What a fantastic phone call to get!
It's amazing what the removal of a bully can do. I'm so glad your boy is happy at school now.

Cheryl D. said...

That is beyond fabulous! Congrats on the wonderful news!

Eccentricess said...

It is so good to know some wonderfulness shining in through your window.
Your Pa, your Boy and both the persistent you and Grumpy ROCK!

Valerie Foley said...

I just love this.
All around. Your boy is thriving on the road less travelled. And I'm loving hearing all about it.

At least the bat shit is being balanced out for a while.


Anonymous said...

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Lizbeth said...

That is incredibly good news!!!!