Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey, honey, I'm hoooooooooooome!

It's been awhile!
Gawd, looked at the last date on here and it's almost 2 months since I posted.

Haven't redecorated as yet....not for want of bits and bobs, although the hard rubbish drive was sadly disappointing this year as the recycling was done in the wee hours by people quieter than church mice (and if you've ever sat in a pew listening hard for church mice over the'll know how quiet those little critters really are).

Yeah, I have the oddest of thoughts skipping through my grey matter at times.
Along with the random hymn.
And redecorating plans.

We still have holes in the walls - with the warm weather coming on I'll probably procrastinate for some more months that it's extra air-con *rolls eyes at self* - although I'm toying with the idea of turning them into recessed shelving.
Yeah, yeah, doesn't every toilets need recessed shelving?
For the outdated Phantom comic books?

And in other news the Aspie geek teen is back in mainstream school.
6 weeks to date.
It's been a blessing; he was ready to return to the school system, we found a nearby state school that caters to kids with learning difficulties (particularly Autism), they have smaller-than-usual class sizes/school population and so far it's a really good fit.

And I get a whole 7 hours to myself!
That is....if I can convince the spouse to bugger off outside to rediscover himself in the garden *snort*


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Welcome back my lovely... and HUZZAH!

Cheryl D. said...

Welcome back! It sounds like things are going well! Yay!

River said...

Extra aircon? Don't kid yourself! Those holes will only let in more hot air. Turn them into recessed shelving, every toilet needs extra bog roll storage. Holes in the kitchen? Shelves for recipe books. Hole in the living room? TV remote storage. You get the idea.