Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunnies aren't just cool

Loving the hugs from my son.
Tactile issues put up a huge wall stopping hugs for a long time.
The more anxiety he had to cope with the less he could tolerate touch.
The anxiety over-ran his life and dictated his behaviours, ruled by an ethereal non-physical thing from afar, the whole family held within its grip twisting us here and there at the whims of those who'd crank up the anxiety metre.

He is on medication which makes him more predisposed to developing cataracts unless he wears sunglasses.
We explained this to the teachers, the principal and vice principal, the social worker, the office staff and the man in the moon.
Ya know what?
I think the man in the moon was the only one speaking our language as everytime the other kids teased him for wearing sunnies, the teachers laughed and told him to remove them.
Son comes home from school, rips through house for hours then new letter and meeting at school the following morning.
I think we spoke to the majority of the teachers at the school repeatedly over several months with little or no support forthcoming.
Imagine the almost hysterical cackling that erupted from me when I read about a 'sun smart' school that won an award for encouraging the wearing of sunglasses to prevent cataracts!
But I'm getting the hugs again.
And my son wears his sunnies whenever and wherever.

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