Monday, March 8, 2010

More not so merrier

Tourette's showed up at our house one day when I noticed the very subtle head shake.
I don't remember inviting Tourette's in the door but there it was, blinking rapidly at me and jerking the head to the left ever-so-slightly.
So, we had medication for the anxiety, medication for the aggressive behaviour and now we had to consider medication for the new unwanted guest, Tourette's.

The tests, discussions, the increased anxiety, more tics, it began snowballing.
Then ADHD arrived to stay.
The OCD behaviour was growing out of control with obsessions of books and cars growing to amazing proportions.
And throughout it all specialists make their pronouncements, hand you their bill and parents have to walk out to continue their life with yet another free-loading lodger in their midst devouring their child until everyone sees the labels, not the child weighted down under them all.
Thankfully homeschooling has put several of these unwanted house guests on time out and they make themselves known only under extreme duress these days.

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