Friday, April 16, 2010


This week my boy has had a rough time; the anxiety has been on top pitch with the excitment of meeting our friends from NSW, attending a presentation at the State Library and then the death of my cousin.
She was a lovely person who knew, intimately, as both a professional and as a mother the Autistic Spectrum and all the curve balls it could throw at a person.

She was a good chum to my boy and he was saddened to have to say goodbye to her.
Her grandson, only a few years older, couldn't stop giving us both hugs, his Asperger's and anxiety making him search for words that normally come rushing out.
He's had the week off school to come to grips with his beloved grandmother's death; as expected as it was it is never easy or pleasant, particularly for those on the Spectrum and especially not when it's their first confrontation with Death.
My son and I approached the open coffin and said our goodbyes, wishing her Godspeed to her just rewards on the other side, such a blameless, generous and selfless life she'd lead she would be sitting at St Peter's right hand explaining the esoteric prayers she used in church.
After we sat back down my son gripped my hand; he won't hold my hand as we cross the road these days but he's realised there's still the odd occassion when a boy is allowed to hold his mum's hand no matter how old he gets.


Lani @cerebralmum said...

So sorry to hear about this loss, Ro.


Ro said...

Thanks, Lani

Andrew said...

Finally Mistress B's post and yours all come together, in my head at least. Your lad did well. S'pose even meeting us was hard for him. He was very sociable.

Fen said...

Sorry to hear of your loss, dealing with death is hard for anyone, your lovely son has done really well. Much love to you both xo

Cheryl said...

Hi Ro, I came to your blog after you left a comment for me, after Trace promoted my blog to her followers and I suddenly realise, even more, the value of this blogging world. One of my oldest and dearest friends has an autistic son who is a beautiful boy much loved by all and they have just been through the loss of his grandfather. What a small world we live in and how amazing the ways we find each other. I will pass your blog to my friend. Best wishes to you all, Cheryl

Ro said...

Ahh, it all clicks at last, Andrew? lol
He holds it together for his public face but loses it at home in comfy surrounds.

Thanks, Fen, much appreciated xxx

Thank you, Cheryl, I really fell in love with your blog and style of writing, is very enjoyable :)
The blogosphere can really be a good help and support at times.

Devi said...

*hugs* My sympathies for your loss, Ro. I hope your memories of her are lovely.

Ro said...

Thanks, Devi, she was a lovely, gentle soul :)