Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meltdown averted

Today the lad is off on an excursion with his Russian school, which is a blessing as it's made him blend back into routine after the funeral otherwise he might have wound up having a meltdown and losing his shyte.

Which he does in spectacular style.
And did often when he was at school.
But not at Russian school.
There are some fabulous teachers and schools out there, I'm not entirely anti-mainstream school system but we got a dud and it left its scars.
What blew me away the most when he began Russian school last year was that by the 2nd week his teacher approached us and, knowing that we don't speak Russian at home, was praising how quickly our son was picking up the written language because "he is a visual learner and the speaking might come a little slower but he is conquering the writing, spelling and alphabet".
This chick didn't know him from a bar of soap but she'd picked up within 2 days what his mainstream teachers, who saw him 5 days per week, didn't pick up what we kept telling them for 5 years.
Is it any wonder we reckon his Russian teacher is pretty damn good?
The plan to clone her is in the works ....

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