Thursday, April 8, 2010


There is no magic cure.
There is no one answer.
Things will not magically resolve themselves in the blink of an eye.
No matter how determined you are children move at their own pace.
No matter how determined your children are Autism lets them move at its own pace.
The Spectrum short circuits our kids' wiring, creating the need for us to repeatedly repeat repeatedly what we want them to learn.
One lesson will not a neurotypical child make nor will a child grasp a lesson within your determined time frame.
Parents of those on the Spectrum can be certain of only 3 things in life = death, taxes and the long wait for Autism to let our kids pass the next goal.


Madmother said...

Perfect summation. Would you permit me to copy this and print it for Boy !'s teachers?

Especially his PE teacher who is determined to call my son lazy and a liar. Both of which he is not.

I cannot write the words that I wish to call her, but don't...

Ro said...

Print away!
Sounds as though you've copped teachers out of the same mould my son had to cope with.
A few 4 letter words are allowed on here ;)