Thursday, April 8, 2010

Natural stuffs

The homeopath was another pathway we tried.
Did I mention we'd have hung from our ankles at the full moon and spun in a clockwise direction if we thought it would help our son?
For awhile there were small gains, slowly millimetre by millimetre there were improvements.
In hindsight I'd love to see how much our son could have improved without the added stresses and anxiety from everything around him.

The homeopath was located in an old renovated double storey house in one of the more wealthier suburbs, away from the drone of traffic and bustling people one could close ones eyes in their garden and imagine being in the countryside instead of a mere 5 mins walk from one of the busiest roads in Melbourne.
The homeopath spoke in a quiet, calm voice which conveyed a sense of reassurance and warmth to our son.
He loved visiting, being spoken to softly which suited him as he was particularly sensitive to loud noises - still is at times - and following instructions to the letter.
We only stopped going when it was obvious nothing was going to be able to battle the overwhelming demons of mainstream school.

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